Our kindergarten program offers small class sizes which allows teachers to focus on students as individuals. A half-day program with hours of 9:15 am to 1:15 pm, Redeemer Kindergarten is an excellent alternative choice for parents who would like an extra year before sending their child to a full day school and/or large school environment. After leaving Redeemer Kindergarten and moving on to a larger school environment, parents often tell us they are happy with the choice they made to allow their child an extra year in a smaller, more personable environment to gain the critical skills of reading, writing, and math. These parents felt their children entered first grade with a high level of self-confidence in their abilities.

The program is structured so that students receive the amount of academic instruction needed to fully prepare them for first grade. Because of our smaller environment, we do not lose a large amount of time during the school day transitioning students from one activity to another. This allows us to focus on and teach the most important kindergarten skills of beginning reading, writing, and math in the half day time period. We recognize that children learn at different rates and come to school with a wide array of experiences and backgrounds. A smaller class size allows students to receive more individual attention in critical subject areas.

We welcome an opportunity to take you on a tour of our kindergarten classrooms and to meet the teacher to discuss in more detail the curriculum used in our program. We would also be happy to provide you with references from parents whose children have completed our kindergarten program and are now in elementary school. For a tour and questions, contact Director Traci Dunlap at 678-430-1400 or email her at

Reading & Language Arts

Learning to read is fun and exciting for the kindergarten student. Our goal is to keep it developmentally appropriate as well as challenging for the child. Helping the child to feel successful and confident is very important. We are in agreement with research that shows strong reading skills are essential to future success in all academic areas. Reading is an integral part of our Language Arts and plays an important role in every area of our curriculum. We use a phonetic approach to teach decoding skills that lead into reading. We also work on developing a sight word vocabulary. Our reading curriculum emphasizes the on-going growth of the emergent reader. Since reading and writing develop together along with oral language, we integrate these skills throughout the curriculum with work in “journals”, listening centers, writing centers, and skill centers. We want the student to be an active participant in the learning process through the many activities that allow for talking, listening, reading, and writing. Reading skills are taught in small groups of 6-8 students in our “Reading Room” next to the main classroom to allow for minimal distractions and focused learning. The foundation of our reading program is the MacMillian-McGraw Hill kindergarten curriculum. Other resources and supplies are used to enrich the learning process. Forming uppercase and lowercase letters is taught in the D’Nealian handwriting style. For students who advance through the kindergarten reading curriculum before the end of the school, we also utilize the MacMillian-McGraw Hill first grade reading curriculum.


Math is a concrete learning experience in kindergarten. Through creative manipulative materials, games, and puzzles, math concepts become realistic and meaningful to the students. By using developmentally appropriate activities and materials, we move the student from the concrete stage into the abstract through the year.

Additional Curriculum Areas

In addition to the main academic areas of Reading/Language Arts and Math, students are also exposed to concepts in Science, Social Studies, and Health. Topics from these curriculum areas are integrated into Reading/Language Arts and Math lessons. Kindergarten students participate in a weekly music & movement class, weekly Bible lessons, science labs, and library time. They have daily outside time on the playground.

Spiritual Growth

Redeemer is a Christian school. Daily instruction in each classroom is taught with a focus on non-denominational Christian values and learning about the relationship of God in daily living. Each class is taught basic Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments in the Holy Bible. Our program recognizes and celebrates the birth of Jesus at Christmas and His resurrection at Easter.

Our Teacher

The Kindergarten lead teacher holds a college degree in elementary education and has valuable, hands-on experience in the classroom.

Special Programs

During the course of the school year, we will invite our parents to join us at several special programs such as our Date with Dad, Mother’s Tea, and a promotion ceremony at the end of the school year.

Additional Information

  • Lunchtime is part of the daily schedule in each class. Children bring a packed lunch from home.
  • The maximum number of students in the Kindergarten class is 16.
  • We welcome parent participation at Redeemer and encourage our parents to be an active part of this special time in their children’s lives.
  • Report cards and periodic parent conferences keep you abreast of your child’s performance and progress.